Reflections - Letters From My Grandparents

In April 1939, when I was two years old my parents and I fled Vienna for New York to escape the Nazis. At that time my grandparents and great grandmother, along with other relatives, were left behind. Their hope was that they would soon join us. They wrote us of their dreams, plans and despair as it became clear that time was running out. My grandparents sent about 100 letters and cards to us and in each they especially wrote messages to me, telling me of their love and hopes for me in my new country.

In December 1941 when mail ceased, as the U.S. entered the war, my grandmother continued to write letters in a notebook even though she knew they could not be sent. My grandparents were deported to Theresienstadt in 1942 when the notebook ends. My grandfather died there and my grandmother was deported to Auschwitz in 1944 where she was killed. After the war my uncle retrieved the notebook which had been hidden. Their courage, love and determination to live inspired me to create art that allows their voices to be heard. They are a source of strength, truth and love.

{Video of exhibition available upon request}